Guest cottages with a view, each in its own scenic location: Nordurnes, Bjalli and Sel - location is central to all sights in the South of Iceland


My woolly exhibition “Ode to the Sheep”:


This exhibition focuses on the symbiotic relationship between wo-man and sheep. It is about the personal and existential experience with and the connectedness to the sheep, the circle of life, the give and take of sheep husbandry. It is also a manifest to the cultural importance of sheep in Iceland as the base for survival on this island. 


All objects are hand made by me from the raw material of sheep from around me, using age old tools and crafts, as well as new ways of working with wool. 


The process that is like a journey of reverence. I am transforming the raw fleece with my hands into something new, without loosing the inherent beauty and wildness of the proud Icelandic highland ewe, which mirrors so well the Icelandic soul (þjóðarsálin).

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"Að bjarga heiminum - To save the world” 

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